Press Release: Rehab Placement Agency Has LLC Status Approved



Rehab Placement Agency Has LLC Status Approved


Los Angeles, California (December 20, 2016) – A local rehab placement agency, West Coast Recovery, has had their LLC status approved to operate by the state of California. They can now begin work in the drug and alcohol treatment field, helping those who desperately need it and don’t know where to turn.

West Coast Recovery plans to bring fresh, positive energy to this section of healthcare. Their team has created relationships with some of the top detox, residential, sober living, and outpatient treatment programs in Los Angeles.

They were created with the belief that when someone is speaking to a treatment center directly, they're speaking to that treatment center’s direct sales team. Those people don’t want to get individuals into the best treatment center to fit that individual’s needs, they want to get that individual into their treatment center to fill their own beds.

When patients work with West Coast Recovery the only incentive they have is patient satisfaction. Once their team learns about what an individual is looking for, they can help connect that individual with the right treatment center to fit those needs.

The difference with West Coast Recovery is that they maintain long-term connections with their patients through follow-ups to get feedback on the performance of the treatment centers they work with. This system will encourage high accountability between both service and provider.

If you’re struggling with addiction or alcoholism give West Coast Recovery a call right away for same-day placement. If you’re with a provider’s office, they’re currently looking to expand their network and will be meeting with treatment centers, doctors, lawyers, and hospitals in the future. West Coast Recovery can be contacted through or by calling 703-943-8171.

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