What is Dual Diagnosis?

In our years of experience working in treatment, we believe substance abuse is often a symptom of a larger problem troubling an individual. Many of the residential and outpatient programs we work with are classified as dual-diagnosis. This means they’re licensed to handle mental health issues in addition to substance abuse. They have therapists and group facilitators on staff who specialize in different mental disorders, but also have a background working in addiction. Mental illness and addiction have a strong correlation with one another. Drug addiction can lead to symptoms of mental illness, but mental illness also often leads to drug abuse. When someone with pre-existing psychological issues begins using drugs, it's often in an attempt to self-medicate a larger problem.

Dual diagnosis facilities are highly effective for those who have a history of issues such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, trauma, eating disorders, and PTSD among others.

Sometimes by simply addressing these underlying issues individuals can see substance abuse issues subside more easily while gaining skills in meditation, self-regulation, and shifting certain thought processes. Dual diagnosis facilities also specialize in medication management. They employ some of the best psychiatrists and when necessary after working with an individual and finding out more about their history, medication may be recommended for certain mental illnesses.

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