US Arrests Drug Company Execs for Fueling Opioid Epidemic


"A number of former executives and managers of Insys Therapeutics, Inc. were arrested on December 8 for leading an allegedly illegal scheme to greatly increase prescriptions of fentanyl-based pain medication across the United States. Those arrested include former CEO and President of the company, Michael L Babich.

For years Insys allegedly bribed medical practitioners with hundreds of thousands of dollars to hand out a large number of Subsys prescriptions, most often for patients who did not have cancer. The bribes and kickbacks, which allegedly occurred between 2012 and 2015, were usually disguised as payments for the practitioner giving speeches at marketing events. Insys employees also allegedly lied to insurers who were unwilling to grant payment for Subsys being prescribed to non-cancer patients, in order to obtain authorization.

Opioid-related deaths in the United States rose 15 percent from 28,647 in 2014 to 33,091 in 2015, according to data by the US Center for Health Statistics accessed by InSight Crime. Specifically, the number of synthetic opioid overdoses -- many of them fentanyl-related -- rose 73 percent from 5,544 in 2014 to 9,580 in 2015."




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